• Muscle Growth

    Muscle Growth Methods for muscle growth that I use with some success are the following. I train legs hard and heavy. Hang on but what has that … [More]

    Muscle Growth
  • Boob Job For A Powerlifter

    I'm a powerlifter but I want a boob job, is this fine? Powerlifters are very interesting case when it comes to boob jobs. As a woman, you want to … [More]

    Boob Job For A Powerlifter
  • The Rock Hercules Training Routine

    I get asked all the time what I believe the Rock did to get to that kind of size for Hercules? Well besides anabolic steroids. (Sorry, but that … [More]

    The Rock Hercules Training Routine

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Body Building

6 reasons to squat

This article is entitled 6 reasons to squat! I could of titled it 6000 reasons to squat. But I decided to pick 6 of the most important reasons why you … [Read More...]

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It doesn’t matter how much I like talking about “Big guys” or how to get huge. I know a lot of you want that lean toned look. Out of all my clients … [Read More...]

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