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bulking 1
Bulking Up
October 30, 2014
Bulking up Bulking up is a main standard word we hear around the gym and a lot use it but do they really understand what’s involved. Ok there
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Dangers of Pure Cardio Work
October 29, 2014
This one is mainly for the ladies and first I am going to tell a little story. Tonight I had some ladies tell me what they did in the gym and yes
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natural bodybuilder
Natural Bodybuilders- Do they exist
October 28, 2014
Natural body builders do they exist? As a body builder (well I am aspiring to be one I don’t do too badly) I am intrigued by the natural body
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mma fitness
MMA Fitness Work out
October 27, 2014
MMA fitness work out Just recently I put a client through a similar work out to what I do and they fully enjoyed it so I thought I would pass i
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fat loss
Fast fat loss Is there such a thing
October 23, 2014
So I’m there in the gym writing out programs and what is the first question anyone asks (myself included when I first started) how fast can I los
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Ian Deighton’s Pure Transform
October 16, 2014
Today in our slew of transformation stories here at Purelifts.com we have the amazing transformation of Ian Deighton. This man was at one point 25 sto
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arnold steroids
Steroid Use Vs Abuse
October 14, 2014
Steroid use/ abuse Ok this one may touch a few nerves on this so I am going to start of by saying that I neither condone nor do I condemn it, I
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Powerlifters Vs Bodybuilders
October 9, 2014
Contributed by Ian Deighton If perhaps there is a division within the lifting world and perhaps, dare I say some discrimination and rivalry it wo
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Does Technique Matter?
October 9, 2014
Does technique matter? When I am working in the gym I see all sorts of people with all sorts of belief and ideas of what should happen. I have
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time and lifestyle
Time And Lifestyle
October 9, 2014
Time and lifestyle I just don’t have the time commitment etc but I’m not happy with the shape I’m in I want to shape up, but I’m nervou
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bodybuilder cut
How To Avoid Starvation During A Cu
October 9, 2014
I don't know a single person who enjoys dieting. I know I don't, my partner sure doesn't and no other lifter I know likes it. I think the main satisfa
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understanding fat loss
Understanding burning body fat
October 4, 2014
Understanding Burning body fat Contributed by Ian Deighton A lot of articles use a lot of words like metabolic etc etc, and even myself sometimes
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