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pre-exhaust training
Pre-exhausting and Pumping
November 17, 2014
Contributed by Ian Deighton I love being in the gym and seeing my progress. I probably take more photos than what I should do but hell I love to kee
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fitness 1
Definition of Fitness
November 16, 2014
Really the definition of fitness is how well you can perform routine tasks and how well you recover from these tasks. I hear an awful lot of people wh
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Why the hate?
November 13, 2014
Why the hate? On facebook I follow a lot of fitness pages (surprise surprise ) and every so often a question will come up. What exercise do you hate?
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spartan circuit
Spartan Circuit Run
November 10, 2014
Things you will need 1 a park 2 Determination The whole circuit will take approximately 45 mins including warm up and cool down You want a
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Add Ons to Inside Circuit for Those
November 9, 2014
Add ons to inside circuit All 1 minute stations Tricep press. On the edge of your sofa place your hands so that they are behind you and knees be
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An Inside Training Circuit For Thos
November 8, 2014
Another Circuit So my boss on here liked the article on outside circuits so much that I thought I would add a few other ideas for circuits. This one
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healthy lifestyle
Life style and time
November 7, 2014
Life style and time There is something I hear all the time no matter what people do and it is I haven’t the time. Time is a difficult factor
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A few of my favorite exercises
November 7, 2014
Contributed by Ian Deighton A few of my favourite exercises I like doing controlled negatives with a friend (or if ever I am lucky a girl friend)
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disabled person weightlifting
People with ill health how can I ex
November 6, 2014
People with ill health how can I exercise loose fat etc I approach this article with some trepidation! Why because the last thing I really want to
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negative reps
How to preform Negative Reps
November 5, 2014
How should one do negatives? Negatives are a form of exercise that produces fantastic results if performed properly. Now there are times when y
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Get Your Sleeping Done
November 5, 2014
Sleep why do we need it As I have mentioned now sleep keeps cropping up in my work so I am gonna dwell on this. Sleep is the great equalizer an
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personal trainer
The Responsibilities of Personal Tr
November 2, 2014
The responsibilities of personal trainers and gym staff I will admit to being a little out of shape perhaps five% visceral body fat but I’m not
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