Ocean clean-up ship fuelled by plastic p...

Ocean clean-up ship fuelled by plastic pollution

Plans have been revealed for a self-powering ship that will remove plastic pollution from the sea, processing it into fuel as it goes. Stuart McDill reports.

Deep sea robots reveal mineral riches in the abyss

Scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway are using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to explore thousands of metres deep in the ocean. Matthew Stock reports.

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Golden eagle DNA sequenced

The golden eagle is the first of 25 species in the UK to have its genome sequenced, in a bid to improve understanding of species viability around the world and celebrate 25 years of the Wellcome Sanger Institute. Ella Wilks-Harper reports.

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Car deal earns Android serious dashboard real estate

The race to dominate the car dashboard is heating up with Google's Android operating system clinching a victory this week.

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Researchers recreate memories of faces from brain data

University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) neuroscientists have published research showing they can reconstruct images seen by volunteers based on their brain activity gathered by EEG. Jim Drury reports.

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Dutch firm looks to take robotic surgery to next level

Robotic surgery and robotically-assisted surgery have become increasingly widespread in recent years. At the cutting edge of this technology is Eindhoven Medical Robotics, a Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) related start-up. Jim Drury reports.

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BMW shows off self-driving motorcycle

BMW has released video of its first self-driving motorbike, an autonomous version of its R1200GS motorcycle. Angela Moore reports.

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Cooling off in protective suits could help Ebola workers

Overheating in protective suits could be a thing of the past, thanks to a cooling system developed at Stanford University. Amy Pollock reports.

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Aston Martin swaps V12 for 800V

Aston Martin, the car company synonymous with James Bond, has launched its first ever electric sports car, the Rapide E. Stuart McDill reports.

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Apple unveils larger iPhone, health-focused watch

Apple introduced its largest iPhone ever and a new line of watches that can detect heart problems as it looks to get users to upgrade to more expensive devices in the face of stagnant global demand for smartphones.

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