7 Things You Can Learn From Powerlifters

7 things you can learn from power lifters even if you dont plan to be one your self. These 7 tips will help you reach the next level in muscle and strength development. There are so many ideas out there when it comes to health and fitness. In all honesty, most of them are a […]

Powerlifters Vs Bodybuilders


Contributed by Ian Deighton If perhaps there is a division within the lifting world and perhaps, dare I say some discrimination and rivalry it would be the divide of power lifters and body builders primarily because of the goals each athlete has. Ok and yes they are both athletes and I kind of want to […]

Lower Reps Vs Higher Reps For Strength

high reps vs low reps

Are low reps better than higher reps for building strength? Oh lord! Some people will argue to the death on this… usually the people who argue are stupid personal trainers or cross fit ninjas. The truth of the matter is, when you are training for strength there is no argument that lower reps (1-5 range) […]

Natural Powerlifting Explain


What is the difference for bench press on natural bodybuilding and in natural powerlifting? These are two different things and in two different worlds. Most people tend to miss that and even experts whom you may have talked to, don’t even talk about the difference between them. The thing with natural powerlifting bench press is […]