Powerlifters Vs Bodybuilders

Contributed by Ian Deighton
If perhaps there is a division within the lifting world and perhaps, dare I say some

discrimination and rivalry it would be the divide of power lifters and body builders

primarily because of the goals each athlete has. Ok and yes they are both athletes and

I kind of want to try and heal the rift. Body builders look at power lifters and view

them as people with no sense of dietary control and ignorant of technique, power

lifters view body builders and posers and self absorbed pretty boys or egotists. But

really there actually is not much difference between them and here is why. Both spend

a dedicated amount of time to their sport and both are disciplined within their field

and both can actually learn from each other.

I have decided as part of my regime that I would adopt both sides of the training coin.

Although primarily wish to build for physique competitions, I do actually want to

have some strength to put behind the muscle and some functioning muscle as well. I

think it looks awesome when done that way and I feel way better about myself. Ok

my diet may differ slightly from a power lifter but I eat just as much now as a power

lifter but with a slightly different plan and foods. When you power lift and here is

something t reflect on you are for all intents and purposes lifting a massive weight

from point a, to point b. imagine taking down the weight just slightly so that instead

of doing it once you do it two or three times but with a body builders control but

a power lifters, well power, you then have the potential for something unique and

Take dead lifts for instance, I regularly do 4 sets of 8 with a few minutes in between.

Once or twice a month though I load up not quite to my max and perform three reps

for four sets. Results are that the body still works the same I use the same technique

I merely change from one style to another that equals gains that I want. Really when

you get down to it both sports developed form one common form and that is moving

weight, but in a controlled manner i.e. technique. Although power lifters sometimes

seem to look as though there is no technique just brute force nothing could be further

from the truth their technique merely relies on a quicker more powerful movement

rather than the controlled slower movement of a lifter.

Getting to the point of the versus thing really there should be no question of versus

merely a standing respect will hopefully occur after this article and remind people

why they did this in the first place and of course the answer is for the sense of

achievement it brings keep training and keep progressing, rather than rivalry both

parties should really move closer together to support each other and recognise the

massive dedication this needs to achieve the final goal whatever it maybe.

Author: Ian Deighton
Category: Body Building, Powerlifting, Pro Bodybuilders
Date: October 9, 2014

Lower Reps Vs Higher Reps For Strength
high reps vs low reps

Are low reps better than higher reps for building strength?

Oh lord! Some people will argue to the death on this… usually the people who argue are stupid personal trainers or cross fit ninjas. The truth of the matter is, when you are training for strength there is no argument that lower reps (1-5 range) are literally, pound for pound better than high reps for strength.

In a simple way of putting this, let’s look at powerlifter’s routine. Powerlifters are not only notorious for being strong (and sometimes fat) and lifting heavy weights, they are also notorious for sticking the lower rep ranges for their main sets. You will rarely see a pure powerlifter lifting over 5 reps, 6 reps is usually the top range you’ll see on a 6×6 routine.

It only makes sense when you actually think about it. If you’re lifting 3 sets of 15 reps, you are hardly going to be able to lift a maximum weight load which is required for strength building. You would be lifting a moderate-light load with the intention of muscle building (high reps build muscle)

Now on the contrary if you are lifting 3 sets of 5 reps you are utilizing your strength receptors and pushing yourself to up your strength.

A fantastic way to build strength go for a new pb is something like this:
week 1 80 % of your best
90 % of your best
following week you will go for a new pb for as many reps as you can.

You’ll find that following a routine similar to 5/3/1 or beyond 5/3/1, a routine which gets strength gaining down to a science, you will really dramatically increase your strength.

Is it possible to build strength and muscle at the same time?
Yes, it is possible. However you will always sacrifice a bit of one for the other. Try lifting in the 5×5 routine or even a basic 5/3/1 routine. If you are trying to push muscle over strength but would still like to progress with your strength, either shuffle your reps down a bit, or up the weight you are doing so that you are pushing your strength levels as well as muscle.

Author: Stephanie Sebastian
Category: Bodybuilding Tips, Powerlifting
Date: September 17, 2014

Natural Powerlifting Explain

What is the difference for bench press on natural bodybuilding and in natural powerlifting? These are two different things and in two different worlds. Most people tend to miss that and even experts whom you may have talked to, don’t even talk about the difference between them. The thing with natural powerlifting bench press is obviously all about lifting the weight. Read more

Author: Stephanie Sebastian
Category: Body Building, Powerlifting
Date: December 29, 2012