Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle

Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle

A question getting asked more and more on here and I’m unsure why, I felt I cleared up resistance bands on my previous article about them, but here goes! I’ll attempt to explain this in as much detail as possible.

Resistance bands are usually used to prevent and or help an injury, they are great for mobility and other such “drills.” They are HOWEVER not any good for building slabs of lean muscle mass on a female or male athlete, I mean how could they be? To build muscle mass we need to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible. Mainly the fast twitch type 2 muscle fibres.

Once they are hit you will be able to add muscle mass at a rapid pace.

do resistance bands build muscle

This is why we try to train at our maximum with high weights for more sets. Obviously there is other “factors” too, such as time under tension. But to keep things simple, time under tension without the appropriate load being lifted will not lead to muscle mass. I mean we could lift up a bag of sugar and take 20 seconds to raise it with 30 seconds to lower it and eventually we’d get “pumped” but we wouldn’t generate any kind of muscle now would we?

So to answer your question “do resistance bands build muscle?”, the answer is of course no, at least in most circumstances.

You can add Resistance bands to certain exercises, such as the bench press and the squat. You can purchase these bands (and I recommend you do!) via our web store.

Basically these special resistance bands are tied onto the bar and allow you to lift a MUCH heavier load than you normally could.

do resistance bands build muscle

Let’s say you can bench press 200lbs, this might be true, but at the top part of the bench press where you are stronger, you might be able to lift 240lbs! So when you only bench 200lbs you can see you are not really doing yourself justice now, are you?

Instead, add resistance bands to your bench press when you are on the lower part of the lift. You will still only be lifting 200lbs. However, once you begin to push the bar up the resistance bands begin adding more weight to the bar on your stronger portion of the lift, meaning you are lifting MORE weight. As you get stronger this has been shown to increase the intensity of the exercise by over 300%! Yes, a dramatic amount!

Resistance bands build muscle

Not only does it do this, but another fantastic positive aspect of this is it recruits MORE muscle fibres, leading to you getting much stronger and of course more muscular! One of my clients used rubber bands for 12 weeks. Afterwards he stopped using them and added 55lbs to his bench press!

These are a fantastic bit of equipment and should be used by anyone out there who is past the level of intermediate.

do resistance bands build muscle

Until next time, thanks for reading this article titled Resistance bands build muscle. It’s been a great one to write out and be sure to check out our web store, we are having a promotion and many of the items are currently on sale!

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Date: April 7, 2013

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