Fastest Ways to Build Muscle


Fastest Ways to Build Muscle

So you are wanting to build muscle fast! Great, this is fantastic! You are fed up of looking like crap and want to take that next step in your training and push yourself in the right direction.

So let’s take a look at some of the fastest ways to build muscle, shall we?

First off we all know one of the best ways to build muscle is of course heavy compound exercises. I’ve spoken about this is in large detail in many of my previous articles so if you need a detailed explanation of why Heavy compound lifts are far superior to doing isolation exercises then look no further than the other articles on this website.

But for the sake of this article I’m going to explain this as simple as possible, the reasons heavy compound lifts beat isolations is due to the fact they hit more muscle groups at once, they allow you to lift heavier weights and keep the muscle under tension and of course finally, release far more natural hormones than you would get with a basic isolation exercise.

Now this is not to say that isolation exercises are completely useless because this is far from the truth, isolation exercises have a part to play they are just not as important as compounds to the natural athlete especially.

Your routine should be around 90% compounds 10% isolation

Fastest ways to build muscle

Below are the “Kings” of muscle building exercises

Number 1 The Squat

fastest ways to build muscle

The squat is the best lower bodybuilder there is. No other exercise works as many muscle groups (just under 400!) as the squat can. No other exercise leads to as dramatic an increase in natural hormones being released and finally no other exercise can build muscle mass and burn fat as quick as the squat.

Number 2 The Dead Lift

fastest ways to build muscle

Similar to the squat the deadlift works more muscle groups than almost any other exercise out there it works the back of the legs to a high degree and is great for preventing injury and keeping the quads and hamstrings inline to prevent an in balance and of course injury. Another great aspect is it’s one of the BEST upper back builders you will ever have the pleasure of using in your routines.

Number 3 The bench press

fastest ways to build muscle

Ah the bench press, one of the most loved exercises out there and once you get past the fact that every idiot in the gym tends to do this exercise you will realize it is one of the best exercises overall for building muscle mass. It works the chest, the triceps, the shoulders, the abdominals, the biceps to some degree and even your back to a small degree. Not too shabby, no?

Number 4 The over head press

fastest ways to build muscle

This use to be the main exercise in a bodybuilders routine. Honestly go back to the early 80’s and guys would ask you “how much do you over head press?” You wouldn’t get asked how much you benched, no one would care. The over head press was the true test of strength and rightfully so! It is only in the early to mid 90’s the bench press got pushed as the main “strength” exercise.

Number 5 the pull up, the pull up is one of the greatest exercises in the world for working the back I honestly can’t tell you how great this exercise is. I am a huge fan of the pull up and I’ve used it often in my own routines. I know girls who do 5×10 and have some of the sexiest backs in the world, guys would kill to have a back half as good as them.

fastest ways to build muscle

These are the fastest ways to build muscle

Obviously without eating significant calories and eating the correct nutrients you will NOT build muscle mass.

This is just not going to happen.

However train hard following the routines on here and you will be shown the fastest ways to build muscle

5×5 Bodybuilding Routine

Above is one of the best routines for noobies to build muscle mass and you won’t find anything that can build it any faster than that routine.

Oh and did I mention to you that the routine is 100% free? Mhm! Until next time be sure to join our forums located below and also visit our WEBSTORE we are having a sale!

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