How to build biceps without equipment

how to build biceps without equipment

This question is starting to get asked to me more and more frequently lately and I’m unsure what the actual meaning is.

Do you mean how to build biceps with just a basic barbell and or curl set without any other equipment, such as those fancy curling ones which You don’t need.

To make a perfect set of Biceps you simply need the following.

A barbell and weights, a pair of dumbbells, and if possible a pull up station.

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Now here is a great way of supersetting to build large biceps.

You would do a set of bicep curls for 10 reps, really push it, straight afterwords without a break you will go to the floor press. Again blast out 10 reps. By working the bicep and the tricep together you can actually recruit and activate more muscle fibres this is known in the bodybuilding world as “supersetting” you exhaust one muscle to then exhaust it’s atagonizing muscle group.

It allows you to work harder, burn more calories, and of course build more muscle mass.

Another quick way to increase your bicep size would be to do drop sets, I like to do this on a heavier weight, let’s say 4 sets of 5 or 5×5 something really heavy where getting all 5 is hell

How to build biceps without equipment pic

how to build biceps without equipment

On the last set I the 5th set I go for as many reps as possible, if I only get 5 so be it, if I get 6-7 great, then I immediately drop 20lbs and begin curling again, I get as many reps as possible before dropping another 20lbs and curling again, then finally I drop another 20lbs and do it again.

This is fantastic for building muscle mass and just looking awesome in general!.

It is worth mentioning that the exercise above can not be done too often, supersetting too often simply leads to over training and you will NOT get any results then, so be careful.

how to build biceps without equipment

The next exercise involves a basic pull up stand, simply bring your grip in as close as possible and perform “close grip” or super close grip as they are called pull ups, this will allow you to build up a tremendous amount of muscle mass extremely fast.

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Again if you want to make this harder grab a towel and do the pull ups with a towel this will increase your grip strength, your forearm size and of course the bicep all at the same time, but beware this is not easy and will make it extremely hard for you.

Again if you were talking about literally NO equipment when you asked how to build biceps without equipment then you are going to find it hard that’s just me being blunt.

You could be creative and use weighted backpacks to do curls with etc.

But I’m just being honest here, I’m not going to lie and try to sell you some ridiculous program.

Until next time thanks for reading and be sure to join us on the forums located below!

how to build biceps without equipment

Author: Stephanie Sebastian
Category: Upper Body Workouts
Date: July 11, 2013

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