Muscle Building Equipment

Muscle Building Equipment

This is a question I’m asked all the time, what is the best Muscle Building Equipment or what Muscle Building Equipment can I use to build muscle fast? And honestly makes me laugh for so many different reasons.

You want me to explain why then, mhm? You want to know what the best Muscle Building Equipment is? Ok here we go, it’s your OWN body! It’s FOOD, and it’s a barbell and dumbbells with heavy weights that’s it!

A good supplementation plan is another bonus!

Some of the best fat loss results and routines I’ve used on my clients and athletes have used minimal to NO equipment, what does that tell you?

If you have a barbell and some weights that’s all the equipment you need. I remember a guy recently asked me on the forum “I only have a cheap weight set of 250lbs” It’s not an Olympic bar or anything like that and I don’t have a bench or a squat stand, what can I do?

Muscle Building Equipment pic

Muscle Building Equipment pic

I explained to him how he can do over head press. He can do FLOOR press which is a great exercise for building the tricep muscles and is loved by many bodybuilders. Weighted bridges. He can do deadlifts. He also had a dumbbell set, as he could purchase cheap dumbbell attachments for the weights which only cost 5 dollars (which he did) he was then able to do Weighted lunges to work his legs further, and of the course the single leg squat.

He now had a full arsenal in which to develop MORE muscle mass and strength. We used bent over rows for his back too, by the way!

So he was able to add just over 20lbs of muscle mass on his small frame in a year and his body looked amazing, he was bigger than most teenagers of his age range (14) my point being he did it with this. He ate well, worked hard and used the tools he had around him to develop the body he wanted. If he can do it, why can’t you?

Muscle Building Equipment

You see all this fancy and stupid Muscle Building Equipment all over the internet… complex machines that are actually far INFERIOR to the Superior free weight exercises you can use. Machines DO not hit as many muscle fibres as free weights do, so you do not get anyway near the same kind of hormonal response you would from using free weights.

My point is there is no Muscle Building Equipment that is really worth purchasing if you were building a home gym similar to the one I have this is all you would need.

Muscle Building Equipment pic

2 Olympic bars.

A full weight tree to stack your Olympic weights on.

A 1000lb of Olympic weights in a variety of sizes.

A squat stand

A bench press

A heavy duty dip and pull up station. Yes there you go, you have it. Other bonuses can be a “safety squat bar” and of course there is a variety of bars you can purchase. If you need to add more weight you can get “a dipping belt” this is great for pull ups and of course weighted dips to help you get to that extra level of muscularity going.

All the items I mentioned above can be purchased on our web store which is of course having a sale at this moment in time so check it out!

Until next time thanks for reading and be sure to join our forums located below!

Muscle Building Equipment

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Date: April 11, 2013

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